Terms & conditions

Article 1: General information

These terms and conditions apply to all offers of and agreements with and assignments to www.eliquidmania.com, subsidiary of Diamond Flavours BV, registered in the chamber of commerce with number 59160462 located in Venray unless expressly otherwise agreed in writing. By placing an order on our website you agree to be acquinted with these terms and conditions and agree to them.

Article 2: Product information

The offering on eliquidmania.com by Diamond Flavours BV is desribed with the best possible accuracy. The description provides sufficient details so that the consumer can asses the products being offered for sales. Images displayed on the website give a true representation of the products offered. Small differences in the product shown are possible. Obvious errors or mistakes in the offer are not binding for Diamond Flavours B.V.

Article 3: Prices

The prices mentioned on the website www.eliquidmania.com are the prices used by Diamond Flavours BV. Throughout the duration of the offer as mentioned on the website prices of the products to be delivered won't increase. This shall not apply when legal regulations like an increase of taxes applies. All prices mentioned on the website are subject to printing and typographical errors. The prices are quoted in euro's unless mentioned differently, including 21% VAT.

Article 4: Payment 

Payment should be made as written down on the website. After placing an order payment should be received within 5 days on the bank account of Diamond Flavours BV. After payment the goods will be shipped. When the payment didn't took place within 10 days the order will not be executed. If another payment is agreed upon after sending an invoice and payment didn't takes place within the stipulated period, Diamond Flavours has the right to increase the invoice amount with adminstrational costs of € 25,- and in that case, Principal, is due statutory interest over the invoice amount without further warning or notice of default. In the event of late payment the client is due to the extra-judicial collection costs amount to 15%.

Article 5: Right of withdrawal

After purchasing products the consumer has the right to cancel the agreement without giving reasons within 14 days. This term takes effect on the day after receival of the products by consumer. The consumer needs to prove that the products have been returned in time. The product has to be unused and returned in its original packaging. Whenever the products have been used or that it is assumed by Diamond Flavours BV that the products have been used the right of withdrawal under this paragraph is revoked. The return of the goods delivered is the sole responsibility and risk of the buyer. The right of withdrawal does not apply to products that can't be returned because of their nature, in cases of hygiene by example, who are strictly personal or products that have been produced on special request and according to the wishes of the consumer. If the consumer rightly appeals to the right of withdrawal and if the consumer allready paid for the goods, Diamond Flavours BV will refund the purchasing amount within 30 days after returning the goods. Diamond Flavours BV shall not pay interest on the amount to be refunded.

Article 6: Garantuee

Diamond Flavours BV garantuees that the delivered products meet the requirements of adequacy and usability and the legislation and provisions that are current at the date of creation of the agreement. The buyer needs to check the products directly after receiving the goods. If it appears that the supplied products are incorrect or incomplete, the the customer has to report this by writing or e-mail to Diamond Flavours BV. The product needs to be returned in its orginal packaging and in new condition. If the complaint is rightly stated by Diamond Flavours BV than Diamond Flavours BV will deliver a new product. Whenever this won't be possible the purchasing amount will be refunded. Diamond Flavours BV assumes no responsibility or liability for incendental or consequential damage as which may result from incorrect use. Batteries can be charged approximately 300 times. Decrease of capacity during usage is not covered by the garantuee.

Article 7: Data management

Diamond Flavours BV will register customer details within their customer database. Diamond Flavours BV will handle in respect of the Act on Registration of Personal Data and will not provide customer details to third-parties without further notice.

Article 8: Forced majeure

Diamond Flavours BV shall not be responsible if she can't meet its commitments caused by forced majeure. In cases of forced majeure Diamond Flavours BV may suspend the execution of its obligations and his the right to dissolve the agreement in full or in part.

Article 9: Responsibility

Diamond Flavours BV assumes no responsibility or liabilty for incendental or consequential damage as which may result from incorrect use. The buyer needs to carefully read the directions on the packaging and act accordingly. If Diamond Flavours BV is responsible but the business liabilty insurance does for some reason not cover the costs the liabilty from Diamond Flavours BV will be limited to the purchasing amount.

Article 10: Reservation of ownership

Diamond Flavours BV will remain owner of all delivered products for as long as the customer has not fullfilled its payment obligations to Diamond Flavours BV, including legal interest and extra-judicial collection costs. The customer declares that when entering the agreement Diamond Flavours has the right to have a third party to enter any location where products that belong to the reservation of ownership and take these products.

Article 11: Terms and conditions Diamond Flavours BV – Precendence

Whenever the buyer (non consumer) uses terms and conditions and these will conflict with the terms and conditions of Diamond Flavours BV than the terms and conditions of Diamond Flavours BV have precendence.

Article 12: Choice of law

This agreement is subject to Dutch law. Causes of action or disputes shall be brought to the court Limburg located in Roermond, The Netherlands .